Tuesday, July 16, 2019


national bank of bahrain

National Bank Of Bahrain Net Profit Hits BD40Million

National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has posted a net profit of 8.7 percent with BD40million compared to a net profit of BD36.8 million in...

Muscat Airport To Deploy Drone Detection System

Muscat International airport will soon deploy a new system to detect drones in the surrounding airspace, according to a report in Muscat Daily. Oman Airports...
expats in uae

UAE Changes Sponsorship Rules For Expats

Low-paid expats in the UAE will now be able to bring their families to the country through the new resolution from the Federal Authority...
petrol price

Saudi Arabia Raises Fuel Price

Saudi Arabia raised the fuel price of Octane 95 gasoline to SR2.18 from SR 2.10 last quarter and Octane 91 to SR1.53 from SR1.44...
New Passenger Terminal Building

Bahrain: Operators Trained For New Passenger Terminal Building

Training programs on how to effectively operate the new Passenger Terminal Building have been completed for 1,300 employees, accounting for 27% of the staff...

Business: Abu Dhabi Launches Instant Licensing System

Abudhabi has launched instant licensing services for small-sized energy businesses through Tamm, the Government services system of the Abu Dhabi government, the DoE announced...
multistorey car parking

Bahrain: SMC To Receive Multi-Storeyed Car Parking

A new multi-storeyed car parking facility is to be launched at the Salmaniya Medical Complex(SMC) in Manama.The scheduled work will commence late this month,...
haj pilgrims

Saudi King To Host Hajj Pilgrims From 72 Countries

King Salman has ordered 1,300 hajj pilgrims from around the world to be hosted during this year Hajj season as part of the Custodian...
summer work ban

Bahrain: LMRA Launches Awareness On Summer Work Ban

The LMRA in cooperation with the Ministry of Health held an open meeting to raise expatriate workers awareness on the importance of outdoor work...
g20 countries

KSA Ranked 2nd In Telecom Expansion Among G20 Countries

Saudi Arabia has made the largest breakthrough among the G20 countries, in terms of the amount of radio spectrum awarded to operators in globally...

So you stopped smoking and went electronic instead?

Stop all that bad tar, chemicals and smoke - with E-cigarettes. It's just water vapour, some nicotine and a bit of flavor. So no...
eleven bahrainis arrested

Bahrain: Eleven Arrested On Terrorism Charges

Eleven Bahrainis were arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison terms on charges linked to terrorism. The suspects were also found guilty of illegal handling...

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